Richard Wolf stereo endoscope system showcased with SeeFront 3D at S3D Today

At this year’s S3D Today conference and exhibition in Seefeld near Munich three SeeFront exhibits showcased different uses of the glasses-free 3D display technology. SeeFront exhibited a 13.3’’ 3D display with various 3D video content.

Munich-based company Time in the Box, a virtual treasury of world history, exhibited interactive 3D models of famous Bavarian castles and churches captured by laser and camera scanning on a SeeFront 3D display and an Oculus Rift device.

Medtech company Richard Wolf demonstrated their new stereo endoscope Endocam Epic 3D HD with a glasses-free 23’’ SeeFront 3D monitor as well as a glasses-based Sony monitor for comparison. Medical experts as well as attendees from other fields agreed that the three-dimensional perception is very helpful for the eye-hand coordination. Many visitors took the opportunity to try their surgery skills on a red pepper which served in lieu of a patient’s abdomen in the demonstrator.