Jaguar Land Rover uses SeeFront 3D in innovative 3D instrument cluster

Jaguar Land Rover is looking at cutting-edge technology that could replace rear view and external mirrors with cameras and virtual displays. An innovative 3D instrument cluster based on SeeFront’s patented glasses-free 3D display technology has been showcased at a media event at the British automaker’s R&D facility in Gaydon, UK in July.

Using two-dimensional imaging to replace mirrors is limited by the fact that single plane images on a screen do not allow the driver to accurately judge the distance or speed of other road users. The 3D instrument cluster developed by Jaguar Land Rover makes use of a SeeFront 3D display with integrated eye-tracking to create a perception of depth which allows the driver to judge distance. The 3D cluster is part of a suite of new concept technologies designed to reduce driver distraction.

The patented SeeFront 3D technology allows the user to view 3D content without special 3D glasses. An integrated eye-tracking system detects the user’s position and transmits it to the 3D algorithm. This algorithm combines the images for the left and right eyes in a special way and in real time. An optical filter in front of the display generates a brilliant, compelling 3D impression. As the 3D image is continuously adjusted according to the user’s position, the user enjoys freedom of movement in all directions.