Products & Services

SeeFront develops customer-specific OEM 3D display solutions and licenses its patented SeeFront 3D technology to third parties. SeeFront’s customers create a variety of innovative 3D display products and solutions, from professional applications to consumer electronics. They have one thing in common: True 3D, no glasses.


SeeFront licenses its patented glasses-free SeeFront 3D display technology to third parties. SeeFront’s services include not only the customization of the technology according to product requirements and the license itself. SeeFront also offers consulting and support regarding product development. Additionally, customers benefit from the considerable network of suppliers, research institutes and experts that SeeFront has established over the course of many years.

SeeFront 3D Technology offers excellent image quality and flexibility of design for a wide range of products and applications. Licensing the SeeFront 3D platform technology is a cost efficient way for companies to develop innovative 3D products with short time-to-market and low risk. 


SeeFront developed glasses-free SeeFront 3D solutions for customer-specific requirements based on the company's proprietary technology. Successful projects include developing a dashboard cluster instrument for the research car Mercedes F 125! together with Daimler and a large automotive supplier and developing OEM 3D displays for IGT/GTECH slot machines.

Evaluation Kit

SeeFront offers a new 15.6'' 3D monitor as an evaluation kit for companies who want to evaluate the possibilities of the patented SeeFront 3D Technology. Based on a 4k LCD panel, the 3D display SF3D-156MP offers stunning resolution and crisp, brilliant 3D images.

The monitor can be connected to a content source (e.g. a laptop) to display stereoscopic content in a number of standard formats.

The evaluation kit is available in limited quantities. Download the data sheet here. For a quotation please contact us.

Please note that the actual item may differ from the picture.

32'' UHD 3D Monitor SF3D-320MP

The new 32’’ autostereoscopic 3D monitor delivers a true 3D experience at the utmost freedom of movement for a single user.

SeeFront 3D Technology combined with a UHD (Ultra HD) display panel with 3840 x 2160 pixels offer color fidelity, high brightness and true 3D depth at the highest possible resolution.

The monitor supports several stereo content formats. An open-frame version of this 3D display is also available.

Download the data sheet here.

For a quotation please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy a SeeFront 3D display from you?

    SeeFront licenses the SeeFront 3D Technology to other companies. If you think your company or research institute needs to get to know SeeFront, please contact us. As SeeFront focuses on licensing to B2B customers we are unable to sell 3D displays to individuals. However, a big thank you to all 3D enthusiasts for their support of this exciting visual technology!


  • How many persons can use a SeeFront 3D display at the same time?

    SeeFront 3D displays are designed to deliver high-quality stereo images to a single user. This being said, a second person can also get a decent 3D impression over the user's shoulder or sitting next to him/her. However, the built-in eye-tracking system that ensures freedom of movement in front of the display will adjust the image when the (main) viewer moves. A secondary viewer will need to adjust his/her position accordingly in order to see an unblurred 3D image.

  • What makes the SeeFront 3D Technology different from other 3D display systems?

    • SeeFront 3D Technology works with any TFT panel regardless of dot pitch, including mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices as well as notebooks and displays up to 30”
    • SeeFront 3D Technology allows for unlimited image resolution and retains image brightness and color brilliance
    • Existing TFT displays can be retrofitted and turned into 3D displays as a matter of seconds 
    • SeeFront 3D displays allow users to move naturally, forward and backward as well as to the left and to the right 
    • SeeFront 3D displays adapt to changing position of user electronically - no moving parts to cause noise or malfunction 
    • Extremely flexible SeeFront 3D process allows for short time-to-market and favorable cost of development
  • What is the benefit of a single-user 3D display?

    3D data have been collected and 3D models have been constructed for several years in a wide range of applications. Medical science, pharmaceutical research, automotive engineering, CAD/CAE, architecture, scientific data on climate and geography or computer games are only a few examples. However, the means of displaying the third dimension have been very limited. You either had to use special 3D eyewear (which is quite bothersome, especially if you have to wear glasses anyway) or rely on the power of your imagination to add depth to flat images. An autostereoscopic display shows 3D content as it is meant to be seen without special glasses. And while this is useful in the professional field, it also adds greatly to the fun of games and movies.

  • What is the resolution of a SeeFront 3D display?

    The resolution of a SeeFront 3D display depends on the TFT panel used. The higher the resolution of the chosen TFT panel is, the higher the resolution of the SeeFront 3D display will be. Thus SeeFront 3D technology technically allows for unlimited resolution. 

  • Is SeeFront 3D Technology compatible with TV screens?

    The SeeFront 3D Technology can basically be used with any TFT display and for any sort of 3D content. However, most people want to watch TV together with their family or friends, lounging on the sofa or in their favorite armchair – and SeeFront 3D is geared towards single-user applications. While it is technically possible to use SeeFront 3D Technology for a TV application, we have not had any customer requests for this due to the reasoning above.

  • What sort of content can I view on a SeeFront 3D display?

    A SeeFront 3D display can show any kind of genuine 3D content. This means that in order to appear three-dimensional on a SeeFront 3D display an image needs to have two perspectives of the same scene, one for the left and one for the right eye. 3D images can be still or moving, natural or synthetic, produced on the fly in real time or taken from storage media. SeeFront 3D works with image and video content in most common file formats.

  • Which sizes of SeeFront 3D displays are possible?

    SeeFront 3D Technology allows for the design of single-user 3D displays of various sizes. SeeFront 3D display technology can be used for mobile phones and tablet computers as well as for laptops or TFT displays up to 32” and more.