SeeFront 3D Technology can be integrated into a variety of products. The benefits apply for professional fields of use and special applications like in-vehicle displays as well as entertainment and consumer electronics. SeeFront works with renowned companies in various industries striving to create innovative 3D products.

Gaming: True 3D™ slot machines by IGT

Sphinx 3D™ is the first title in IGT’s (formerly: GTECH) new line of True 3D™ slot machines under the SPIELO brand. The Egypt-themed game utilizes the unique benefits of the patented glasses-free SeeFront 3D™ technology: The display shows pyramids, hieroglyphs and scarabs in bright, brilliant colors and with accurate 3D depth representation. The integrated eye-tracking allows players to change the viewing angle and look around virtual objects by moving their head.

Launched at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2013 in Las Vegas, Sphinx 3D won the prestigious "First Place: Best Slot Product" award at the Global Gaming Business Gaming & Technology Awards and several more industry honors and awards. The first Sphinx 3D machines have been installed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in June 2014.

Meanwhile IGT has expanded its True 3D games library to over a dozen games, including well-known themes like Wheel of Fortune® and Plants vs. Zombies™.

SeeFront supplies the custom-designed OEM 3D display for the gaming machine to leading slot machine manufacturer IGT.

An updated product with a larger 3D display and incorporating innovative interaction technologies was unveiled at G2E 2016.

Automotive: 3D cluster instruments

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is looking at technology that could replace rear view and external mirrors with cameras and virtual displays. The 3D instrument cluster developed by Jaguar Land Rover and showcased at the R&D facility in July 2014 makes use of a SeeFront 3D display with integrated eye-tracking.

Using two-dimensional imaging to replace mirrors is limited by the fact that single plane images on a screen do not allow the driver to accurately judge the distance or speed of other road users. The glasses-free 3D instrument cluster creates the perception of depth, thus allowing the driver to judge distance.


Crammed with next-generation technology, the Mercedes-Benz research car F 125! unveiled at IAA 2011 features a glasses-free 3D instrument cluster for the driver. Find out more about the 3D instrument cluster in this YouTube video.

While the three-dimensional display of certain information for the driver is designed to be intuitive and enhance safety and comfort, it is clear that this can only be achieved with a glasses-free 3D solution. Daimler chose SeeFront to provide the autostereoscopic 3D technology for the research car featured in the year of Daimler’s 125th anniversary.

Consumer Electronics: 3D accessory for Sony VAIO notebooks

At IFA 2011, the global trade show for consumer electronics in Berlin, Sony presented the new 3D Panel for new models of Sony's personal computer VAIO S series Notebooks. The easy-to-handle 3D Panel turns the notebook into a 3D display for watching 3D Blu-ray movies and viewing 3D photos – without special glasses. This product is based on the unique glasses-free SeeFront 3D technology.