Illustration: Tobias Werner


Autostereoscopic HUD: SeeFront 3D enables AR application in vehicles

Increasing demand for driver assistance systems pushes the automotive industry to develop new solutions. Many drivers prefer information to be displayed in their field of vision when looking through the windshield instead of looking at the dashboard. Such Head-up displays (HUD) have become significantly more popular, and automotive manufacturers are developing innovative Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for HUD. Displaying information in 3D is an important feature for advanced HUD.

Automotive supplier Bosch conducted a project “Autostereoscopic HUD” and used a SeeFront 13.3’’ 3D display for an experimental set-up. This set-up is described and evaluated in Dr. Tobias Werner’s doctoral thesis „Simulation, Aufbau und Charakterisierung von autostereoskopischen Display-Systemen im Fahrzeugbereich“ (in German; “Simulation, structure and characteristics of autostereoscopic display systems in vehicles”).

Summarizing his evaluation of several technologies for the purpose of an autostereoscopic HUD, Werner concludes: „Systems based on lenticular lenses are considered a promising approach for a potential series development of an autostereoscopic HUD. Based on the presented simulations such a system can be designed and realized as a prototype.”