ARRI Medical shows SeeFront 3D display with HD 3D surgical microscope

ARRI Medical exhibits a glasses-free SeeFront 3D display connected to its new high-definition 3D surgical microscope (ARRISCOPE) at the annual conference of the Austrian Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery  in Graz from September 11th to 14th, 2013.

The ARRISCOPE is the world's first fully digital surgical microscope that provides an identical 3D image quality to surgeons, the OR staff, a documentation unit and optional to a remote audience. SeeFront 3D provides correct depth representation, color-fidelity and freedom of movement for the viewer. ARRI uses SeeFront’s 13.3’’ 3D monitor prototype to display the high-contrast, sharp and brilliant high-definition images delivered by the ARRISCOPE.

ARRI is a worldwide leader in motion picture technology who has been awarded 18 Science and Engineering Oscars. The ARRISCOPE is currently in prototype stage.