SeeFront 3D technology in Mercedes-Benz F 125! research car

Crammed with next-generation technology, the Mercedes-Benz research car F 125! unveiled at IAA 2011 features a glasses-free 3D instrument cluster for the driver. The highly innovative 3D technology was developed by Hamburg-based company SeeFront.

See more about the 3D instrument cluster in this YouTube video .

While the 3-dimensional display of certain information for the driver is designed to be intuitive and enhance safety and comfort, it is clear that this can only be achieved with a glasses-free 3D solution. “The future of 3D is glasses-free”, believes SeeFront’s Founder and CEO Christoph Grossmann. Fields of use for glasses-free SeeFront 3D range from Sony’s new 3D Panel for Vaio S-Series for viewing 3D Blu-ray movies or 3D photos to medical applications.