23'' and 13.3'' SeeFront 3D displays successfully made their debut at SID Display Week

As a first-time exhibitor at SID Display Week in Vancouver SeeFront showcased two new glasses-free 3D displays geared to OEM customers.

The company announced the upcoming release of their 23'' OEM 3D display in fall 2013. Featuring an LCD panel with native full HD resolution the display is designed to be intregrated in OEM products like e.g. POS terminals, edutainment solutions for museums and science centers or medical systems. 

While interest for the 23'' display was high, the prototope of a 13.3'' OEM 3D display quickly turned out to be the "star" at SeeFront's booth. Content shown on the display included not only 3D videos but also live content from a stereo camera that has been developed by SeeFront.

Based on a native full HD LCD panel, the display's 3D image quality in terms of resolution, brilliance, accurate depth impression and lack of crosstalk was unanimously praised by visitors. A limited number of prototypes of the 13.3'' 3D display will be available as demonstration units for OEM customers (please inquire for a quotation).