BMW researchers test-drive SeeFront 3D dashboard

Researchers of BMW Group, University of Munich and University of Stuttgart have conducted a real-world study that investigates introducing autostereoscopic 3D dashboards into cars. The 3D display used for the study was a 13.3‘‘ SeeFront 3D evaluation display which replaced the instrument cluster of a BMW 5 series.

The findings validate that the well-considered use of S3D increases the user experience, clarifies the information structure of the display, and does not significantly affect driver workload. The results show that color has a greater impact on communicating urgency than S3D, while the combination of both maximizes the perceived urgency. The study provided detailed insights on the use of S3D in cars which are hard to find in the simulator. Besides shear distortions as a disturbing factor, S3D allows for an easy translation between the real and virtual 3D world.