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SeeFront in the Media


Casino International: Behind the Curtain

Casino industry magazine Casino International publishes an interview with SeeFront’s CFO Sabine Neumann about how the SeeFront 3D Technology came to be in implemented in slot machines.


Hamburger Wirtschaft: Pfiffige Ideen fördern

The monthly magazine of Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce describes government-funded programs to support innovative SMEs. SeeFront is shown as an exemplary company as SeeFront's R&D project was elected as ZIM Project of the Year 2016 (in German).


Display Daily: "SeeFront Sees Success with Eye-Track 3D Display"

Display Daily reports on SeeFront's current success in the casino gaming market and the company's plans to tackle the medical market next.


Chris Chinnock on Display Daily: May SID 2015 Impressions

Display industry analyst Chris Chinnock: "There were also other autostereoscopic displays with the best being demonstrated by SeeFront. [...] They are seeing commercial success with this approach with thousands of casino machines now using the technology."


Innovationsmanager Spezial: "Der Bildschirm trägt Brille"

SeeFront is one of six SME presented in this publication who received government funding for market-oriented technological innovation projects (in German).


Hamburger Abendblatt: "3-D-Technik: Turnschuhe aus dem Drucker"

The regional newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt reports on several 3D-centric companies in Hamburg, including SeeFront. (In German, if you cannot access the article directly, try a Google search for it and click on the Google link.)


WirtschaftsWoche: “Tiefe und Weite”

The weekly business magazine WirtschaftsWoche publishes a portrait of SeeFront and founder Christoph Grossmann on the occasion of SeeFront’s winning the German Innovation Award 2013 (in German).